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Last Updated: Sept. 2, 2010
We have a few different options for holding your Epipen These holders have a rubber attachment which slides up the Epipen and rests snugly around the lid of the protective cover. Also they are equipped with a split ring to carry a key or keys. Please note: these holders do not work with the Twinject pens which are a little smaller in diameter. We recommend using the pouches for this size of pens.
This holder was designed with a carabiner clip, perfect for clipping your pen on your diaper bag, purse, backpack, or on your belt loop if you need to wear your pen.
With the same style of holding device, this holder was made as a lanyard for wearing around your neck, or hanging in a conspicuous place to keep it handy.
KozyEpi has created some Epipen holders for Peanut Free! Available in the Epi-Uno to hold one pen, and Epi-Duo, to hold two pens. Each pouch has a sewn in tag for ID and medical information. They are made from water resistant neoprine. The zipper and buckle are child friendly and easy to use. There are belt loops sewn on the back for wearing your pouch. They come with an adjustable waist strap which can be worn as a belt or elongated to wear as a sling across your body. Our Peanut Free belt is another option for wearing your epi pouch!
Available strap lengths:
XS (toddler) waistsize:
18 to 27"
S (child) waistsize:
21 to 32.5"
M (teen) waistsize:
23 to 37"
L (adult) waistsize:
27 to 44.5"
XL (adult) waistsize:
 33 to 57.5"

Purchase an extra belt for $3.95 in an adult size so you can wear your child's pouch during events and activities.
Autoinjectors or "Epipens" should always be in their protective tubes when used with any holders. The medication should be kept between 15-30 degrees celcius thus care should be taken. The pen should never be left in direct sunlight or in a warm vehicle. In cold weather the pen should always be kept warm. If possible wear your pen underneath your jacket.
Choose Belt Size
Choose Belt Size
Choose Belt Size