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The instances of peanut allergies have doubled over the past decade. With allergies becoming more prevalent the need to spread awareness has become very important. From camping and cookouts, to the first day in a new school or program, kids can be easily identified by wearing our products. Please browse our site to find products that will help you and your children spread the word about their allergies.
The Peanut Free brand product line was launched by a Mom who recognized the need to label small children who suffer from the peanut/ tree nut allergy. Even before they can communcate their allergy to other people, these products can help get the message accross. As the children grow older, the Peanut Free brand is becoming a great way for kids to say "I'm allergic!"
Okay, so we decided to move to an acreage because it would be a great place to raise our children. That first week in our new home was interesting, a few renovations, a 15 month old running around like a 15 month old would, that is until his first little lick of peanut butter. Why is he coughing? Why is he crying? What did he get in to? Does he look a little different...is his face a little swollen...Oh my...he is having an allergic reation! Call 911. Find some Benadryl...do we have ANY benadryl!? When will the ambulance get here? Why did we move to an acreage???...if we lived in town we'd be there already. An ambulance ride, some benadryl, a little prednisone, a very big scare, and we never want to do that again.
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Last Updated: January 08, 2011